The Art of Beverley H. Hanes

My Story

This is my story........with dreaming, believing and never giving up is how I became the artist I am today.   Growing up in Oklahoma and Louisiana during my childhood  there was no formal education of art offer in the school system and no art supplies in our home but I learned to draw with the tool I had which was a pencil  when I reached the age of seventeen I received a pan set of watercolors, they were wonderful but they were scarry  for I  did not know how to mix the colors with out making mud  all artist can relate to that.    I was not able at that time to go to college but I found help by taking art classes in many places and in every media I could take.   Watercolor was not easy so I switched to oil and master it and became quite well known for my style and was accepted in the Eight State Art Show in Oklahoma City several years  that was equal as what is now known as the National Juried Art Shows.       I begin painting in watercolors again after putting my paints up for  several years.  I must have need the time, space, in finding myself again  for all the time away from painting I absorbed my surroundings, the colors, the way the light hit on an object.  I thought a lot and I begin wanting to go back to painting.  I started looking for a studio and I wanted to be back downtown  where I had had a studio years earlier for about 10 years.  Finally I heard about the studio I have now it is where I have enjoyed the fruit of my years of learning and now just being the artist I am today.
As a watercolorist I work in several type of water media my transparent watercolors are soft and mystical, opaque watercolors are a paint call gouache and those are usually bright and bold.  Acrylics in both impasto and transparent.  I also do printmaking a real joy and finally the fun winter painting using watercolor ink and freezing the painting.   
I became a National Watercolorists in the 90's and with reaching that Juried award I know I has reach the level I has set out to reach.   I have had many one man shows and been in several gallery shows through the years but the most recent was a great honor I was ask to have my paintings in a show at the Oklahoma State University Foundation, Malinda Berry Fischer art gallery.  I showed 28 new paintings and the show was a great success.
Ten years ago  I opened an art gallery called the ArtBin  which  showed many artist work from painters, potters, stain glass, and jewelery.  Then one year later I had open a custom framing company name Frameworks.  All three adventures and been great and complement each other.                  
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